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Occupancy in Maldivian tourist resorts averaged 100 percent in February, news reports quoting the Ministry of Tourism said.

February this year, with over 65 thousand tourists, also registered the highest monthly arrivals to the Maldives, according to the local media. In January this year the Maldives had over 64 thousand arrivals, which, at that time, had been the highest recorded monthly arrival.
There are now 18,527 tourist beds registered in the country's 89 resorts and 9 tourist hotels.
More than 75 safari / cruise boats also operate in the Maldives.

Two of Europe's biggest touroperators, Hotelplan and Thomas Cook are to operate direct flights from Europe to Gan in the south of Maldives late this year.

Thomas Cook will begin its charters with Condor, originating in Frankfurt, in November and Hotelplan with Blue Panorama will begin charters to Gan and Male' in December.
Both operators have allotments on Herathere, the 300-room island resort being developed near Gan by the Maldives Tourism Development Corporation, MTDC.
Hotelplan's Managing Director Anna Shuepback described Gan as being a second gateway to the Maldives.
Thomas Cook's Director Coray Kavdir spoke of the demand for middle market tourist beds similar to those being developed on Herathere.

While no new islands may be tendered for tourist resort development this year, bids to develop tourist hotels on islands with regional airports may be announced, the Tourism Ministry revealed.

The Minister of Tourism Dr. Shougee has been quoted in the media as saying that work was underway on most of the 20 islands leased for resort development last year and that work was on schedule on 9 of the 11 islands leased in 2005.
In an earlier statement Dr. Shougee revealed he expected 3 of these resorts under construction to be opened this year.

The supervision of tourists resorts for compliance with laws and regulations could be entrusted to private parties, Minister of Tourism Dr. Mahamood Shougee has been quoted as saying.

The outsourcing of resort supervision may be necessary with the extension of tourism development to all regions of the country, Dr. Shougee said, noting that the Tourism Ministry could lack sufficient resources to meet these needs.
The Ministry's priority this year would be to strengthen the supervision of the industry, to revise, enact and implement necessary regulations, the Minister was quoted as saying.

Tourist resorts in the Maldives are heavily booked until May this year, Tourism Minister Mohamood Shougee was quoted as saying in the local media.

Dr. Shougee revealed that tour operators to the Maldives were short of beds to meet the high demand for the destination.
The government has forecast about 650 thousand arrivals for this year.

There was growing interest in the MICE market from Maldives tourist resort operators, Tourism Minister Mahamood Shougee told journalists at a press conference at ITB Fair in Berlin last week.

MICE facilities would add to the Maldives product profile, he said, elaborating on the range of products.
Dr. Shougee said the Maldives as a tourism destination had originally been built to cater to the European market and that this had remained the main market over the 35 years of tourism in the country.
He said the while there were more than 800 islands that were not developed, the government had no plans to develop all of them for tourism, news reports revealed.


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